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- The Patriot
“The time is now upon us when men will rather choose what is easy
 than what is right."
- Baruch Barah
"Here then is the origin and rise of government; namely, a mode rendered necessary by the inability of moral virtue to govern the world"
- Thomas Paine

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nasty Numbers and Foreign Oil

The truth is often inconvenient, especially to Greens.  The truth is that the billions of dollars Congress allocated in the stimulus package to plant windmills and free us from foreign oil will make us more dependent on foreign oil.  This inconvenient truth is based purely on the numbers.

10% of the power in the United States comes from dams.  Hydroelectricity is carbon neutral, but we have little or no water sheds left to dam up, so the percentage of electricity produced will decline as demand increases.

10% of our power is derived from burning natural gas.  This is good news because we have enough of it to last for the nest 200 years.  The Greens however, have problem with gas because burning it to produce electricity is not carbon neutral.  The government is doing nothing to promote the use of natural gas.

57% of our power comes from burning coal.  This is again good news because we have enough coal in the United States to provide over half of the country’s electricity for the next 190 to 240 years.   The abundance of coal is really bad news for Greens and entirely responsible for their call to reduce CO2 emissions.  The government is now doing every thing it can to stop coal production.

20% of our power comes from nuclear energy, which is completely carbon neutral.  The Greens however, detest nuclear power even more than coal because of a movie Jane Fonder made thirty years ago.  A nuclear power plant hasn't been built in the United States in decades thanks to government intervention.

1% of the nation’s power comes from other forms of generation like burning biomass, wind turbines, and solar power.  There’s a reason for this.  If we covered the entire state of Nevada with windmills and solar panels they wouldn't produce enough electricity to power the cities of Las Vegas and Reno.

There are a great many technological problems that cannot be ideologically solved.  Reducing the huge amount of energy it takes to produce electricity and our inability to save it for a rainy day – literally, are two of them.   The laws of physics cannot be amended to suit environmental sensibilities.

1% of the oil used in the United States is devoted to the production of electricity.  70% of the oil we consume is used for transportation, 24% is used in industry and manufacturing (everything from hand lotion to carbon fibers are made from oil), and 5% is used for commercial and residential purposes.

The numbers are clear.  Billions of dollars in public funds will be spent over the next few years to reduce our oil dependence by 1%.  The same amount of public money could have been used to build a few dozen nuclear or natural gas power plants, something we do very well, that would have reduced our total dependence on coal by 40% and substantially reduced our carbon emissions.

The stimulus bill and proposed cap and trade legislation are not about reducing our dependence of foreign oil or our carbon footprint.  Both are devoted to destroying the coal industry damn the consequences.

6:26 am est 

Monday, July 6, 2009

Too Many Laws

An exponential explosion of laws reflects and exponentially failing state.

Progressive government has now criminalized or regulated almost every human activity in the United States.  Given the ubiquitous drive that progressive state governments have to regulate what the federal government may have overlooked, each adult in the country now breaks at least one federal or state law every day.  If you live in California, you’re probably a twofer.

The progressive criminalization and regulation of human activity has now grown so complex that no one actually knows how many federal statutes and regulations carrying criminal penalties there are.  The best conservative guess is that there are around 5,000 and 400,000 respectively.

Congress criminalized around 300 new activities in 2007 alone.  I say around, because again no one really knows.  There are literally hundreds of new criminal laws contained the stimulus packages passed by Congress in 2008 and 2009.  And yet once again, no one actually knows because it will take years for lawyers to plow through the thousands of pages of verbiage Congress enacted into law without reading them.

The ABA reports the most “startling fact about the explosive growth of federal criminal law: More than 40% of the federal provisions enacted since the Civil War have been enacted since 1970.”  The quoted ABA percentage was as of 2000.  The actual percentage of federal laws enacted since 1970 now probably hovers somewhere around 50%.

The federal bureaucracy, in addition to legislated laws and regulations, is legally bound by a host of Presidential Decision Directives (PDDs) that carry the force of law.  George W. Bush issued 284 PDDs, Clinton 363, George Bush 165, Reagan 380, Carter 319, Ford 168, Nixon 345, Johnson 323, Kennedy 213, Eisenhower 481, Truman 893, and Roosevelt issued an astonishing 3,466.  If Obama continues at his current clip, he will surpass FDR’s penchant for the creation law by fiat.

Today there are literally thousands of PDDs in force that govern how the Federal Government and the private sector do business.
The problem with the current morass of federal laws, regulations, and PDDs that literally enslave the public and marginalize the authority of the States is twofold: 

First, the bulk of modern Congressional legislation is clearly unconstitutional.  The Constitution authorizes Congress to legislate law in eighteen narrowly defined inter-State arenas.  Congress has the authority to unilaterally repeal unconstitutional legislation, and they need to exercise it.  Congress will not do this until we elect Congressmen with the courage and conviction to exercise their constitutional responsibilities.
Second, the Constitution nowhere authorizes the President to implement law and specifically precludes him from unilaterally authorizing the expenditure of public funds.   It would be constitutionally suspect for Congress to pass legislation limiting the power of the President.  It would be constitutionally courageous for Congress to specifically defund all active PDDs. 

If you’re wondering where the Supreme Court is in this mess, they learned their lesson under FDR: Get in the way of progressively driven Presidents and Congress and you will be impeached and removed from office.

The course is clear: The only way to stave off tyranny, regain our freedoms, and reestablish constitutional government is to change the composition of Congress.
6:31 pm est 

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah Owns the 4th

Good Bye Sarah?  I hope not.  Regardless of your political affiliation, what has happened to Sarah Palin is intolerable. I have no special insight into her decision to step down as the Governor of Alaska, but I cannot help but think it had a great deal to do with her complete abandonment by the Republican Party.  Never in the history of modern politics has a popular conservative politician been so unfairly vilified and ridiculed by their party’s leadership.

The boorish comments about her and her daughters made by her enemies reflect only their terror at her continued dominance in he market place of ideas.  A soldier expects to be attacked by the enemy.

An honored soldier does not expect to be left standing alone on the field of battle by their own officers.  There remains only one appropriate response from the Republican Party to Governor Palin’s resignation.  The party's castrated leadership needs to step aside.  Their loyalties lie with the status quo inside the Beltway.

I urge you to cease support for the RNC until the leadership discovers honor.  Donate your money directly to Sarah Palin to offset the horrendous legal bills she and her husband have personally incurred to defend themselves from the frivolous ethics charges sponsored by the enemies of freedom.

Eighteen ethics charges against the Governor have already been dismissed leaving her and her working class husband with over $500,000 in personal legal bills.  The bills and the suits will continue to grow in the attempt to destroy Sarah Palin's family and her effectiveness.

This 4th voice your discontent and send a check to Governor Palin’s Defense fund at and a letter with a voided check to the RNC at and the DNC at

10:19 am est 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why the Constitution

Benjamin Martin, the protagonist in the movie “The Patriot,” shares a telling concern with his fellow Colonists over the prospect of war with England. 


      HOWARD: We ARE citizens of an American nation! And our rights are being threatened by a tyrant three thousand miles away!

      MARTIN: Would you tell me please, Mr. Howard, why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's rights as easily as a king can.


Mel Gibson's character in the movie eloquently framed what the Founding Fathers feared the most in any from of representative government and went to great lengths in the Constitution to prevent…legislative tyranny.


Although they were committed to representative government, the Founders were terrified of direct democracy and the potential for tyranny that it posed.   Tyranny of the majority always begins softly, cloaked in the arms of charity and good intention, driven ultimately by greed.  Following the Bible, the Constitution is based on the premise that people are fundamentally flawed and prone to excess.


To combat the anticipated demand the governed always ultimately have for a minority’s money and property, the Founders used the Constitution to empower local governments (the states) and severely restrict the ability of the federal government to enact law.  The constitution, to this end, clearly and severely limits the authority of two of the three branches of government.


Article I, Section 8 authorizes Congress to engage in only 18 specific legislative/confiscatory activities.


Article I, Section 9 precludes Congress from engaging in 8 specific confiscatory activities.


Article II, Sections 2 and 3 very clearly delineated the very limited powers of the President and grants him no confiscatory authority.


Article III governing the authority of the Supreme Court is restrictive but necessarily vague.  What is not vague is statement in Article III, Section 2 that the “supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.”  In other words, Congress has the authority to restrict the type of cases the Supreme Court can hear.


The Founders incorrectly assumed that Congress would guard their prerogatives and stop the Court should it start legislating from the bench.  Congress has never really exercised its constitutional authority over the Court.  They instead use the Court’s proclivity for judicial activism to pass into law things that are either clearly unconstitutional or too unpopular to survive the legislative process.


The Court returns the favor.  Almost every law enacted by Congress over the past 70 years is unconstitutional.  Few, if any, of these laws have ever come before the Court because the Supreme Court alone chooses which cases it will hear.


Over the past 70 years, Congress, in collusion with a succession of Presidents and Supreme Court justices, has progressively shredded the Constitution.  The President and the Court, with Congressional approval, have assumed almost imperial powers.  The road to tyranny has been well paved.  The United States is almost at the brink, the point of no return…almost.

There now remains only a very small window of opportunity to restore Constitutional government.  That opportunity lies in restructuring the composition of Congress.  It is now almost irrelevant who sets in the White House or on the Supreme Court.

Although it is difficult for us to escape the historical paradigm we currently live in, we must try.  The last 70 years of American history are an anomaly that does not reflect Constitutional norms.   Americans of all stripes, Democrat, Republican, and Independent, need to rediscover reality and literally clean House before it is too late.

The Founders put half the members of the House of Representative up for election every two years for a reason.  The upcoming 2010 interim elections offer Americans one last chance to restock Congress with men and women who have the courage to refuse tyranny's embrace, uphold the Constitution, and reclaim the House's legislative authority.

The nation needs a relatively small of patriots in Congress with the courage to stay the course, to stand as one and say,
"Enough is enough.  We will no longer go along to get along.  We will no longer allow this body to pass unconstitutional laws that enslave our countrymen and send our children off to fight and die on foreign soil.  We will limit the reach of the Supreme Court, preclude unelected bureaucracies from enacting laws by fiat, and stop Presidents from entering into endless foreign military entanglements without a declaration of war from the representatives of the people."

Short of immediate Congressional action, the Republic is lost.  I urge you to set aside July 4th and meditate on these things.  Pray about them on July 5th.  And act on them on July 6th.

6:48 pm est 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Public Pacifism and Moral Cowardness
6:06 pm est 


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